About Us

For Square Up to be successful, the initiative must be led by the community.

Square Up addresses issues that align with the priorities identified by the board and our community.

This could include such things as cleaning up blighted spaces, increasing green space, identifying and making improvements that affect public safety, and helping the overall community.

There are many ways to engage the community in these critical conversations — the most important thing is to make sure that the conversations happen.

Marion Square Up Board of Directors

Richelle Mick


Kaylee Barnes


Tracey Glenn

Joni Barwick

Board Member

Michael Baysinger

Board Member

Katie Fowler Hawkins
Board Member

Rece Roper

Board Member

Identify a pressing public problem the city hopes to address with the energy and commitment of resident volunteers.

Engage local residents and other community stakeholders, including city agencies, to discuss the problem and identify possible solutions.

Design the initiative and coordinate city services that can complement neighborhood projects.

Activate volunteers and community groups and celebrate successes with the locals.